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And I'm back again

Yes I'm trying my best to update more here~
How are you all?

This week has been somewhat stressful >_<" I have so much exams and assignments due~ But I'm trying my best!

My holiday is in 3 days too, so I can't wait for that~ I have this really hard Physics test tomorow *sigh*
Besides that, I still have to watch the final two episodes of Zenkai Girl, and catch up with my lovely friends, school's been taking so much time, but I can't wait to talk to the lovely people in my life again <33333 I missed you all so much!

And can I just say I really like SNSD's comeback? Their MV was really really pretty and their live performances were awesome *O* Despite how tired they look :( and I really liked the songs on their album especially 'Trick' and 'How Great Is Your Love' ♥♥
They're the only Kpop group I seriously follow now, and I couldn't be more happy with that =)

And Eito eito eitooooo, what can I say? I can't wait till the album that's going to be AWESOMENESS. I've seen the PV previews and *O* I can't say anything serious rn, one was insanely adorable when one was extremely sexy. I can't chose a favorite, Eito you are forever my favorite band in the world ♥ I can't wait till November 16! Ah~
I have to catch up with all Eito shows, that's going to be hard ;___; But I can't just miss them *sigh*
I hope this holiday is a productive one!

I've started watching 'Supernatural' I'm in the 5th season now~ and loving it so much ♥♥ I ussually don't watch a lot of english shows, but I just fell in love with SPN. The characters are love, the whole story is just amazing and SO interesting, and the actors ( Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles) You can't help but fall in love with them :)

Westlife and NEWS... NEWS have already gone their separate ways and I'm over that and respect that, no matter how much I will miss them. But Westlife has been with me since almost forever and it's to see them go now, even if they'll have a tour then go their seperate ways, it just seems so unreal. Their music and their passion for music, how long they've been here is just *sigh* nothing stays forever I guess.

I think it's about time I get a new layout (Niii-chan, don't get me wrong, I still adore this one ♥♥ but I need a brighter page hehe)

Grade 10 is really hard ;__; May Allah give me strength.
I want to go the Maldives with Ryo one day, I really do.
Now I will continue drinking my coffee, watching an episode of 'Supernatural' and then get ready for a study session with one of my friends, take care everyone~

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