lovelyrukia (lovelyrukia) wrote,

Way to wonder~

Hello people ^^
I missed you~

This week was such a busy one! I was involved in 'THIMUN' The Haigh International Model United Nations' have any of you heard of it? I was an Admin helping in the debate. My admin team was awesome, and the delegates I helped out were so nice, even the chairs were amazing, I was so lucky to get this team, and because it ended yesterday, I'm so sad about it, because even next year if I join it won't be the same. Our head admin and our head chair are graduating :( But I'm glad I got to participate in it~♥

But I'm back now! I'm sooo exhausted I can barley stand up, my body aches I've been standing up for sooo long.
I'm patiently waiting for my FIGHT singles ;-; turns out I didn't order them!! I'm sure I did, but I don't know what happened, so I re-ordered them, I'm SO glad nothing was sold out.
I've only listened to 'wander' and gosh is it amazing <333

Anyway, how are you all? :D
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