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FIGHT album review

Asya-chan asked me to make a review on this, so I gave it a try, it's my first time to review something so I hope I'm not too breif lol

So first one,
Monjya Beat: I just love this song, it's so fun and playful and it keeps my energy up when I need it! It's a perfect Eito song, and I really do enjoy listening to it.

Fight for Eight: It's not the type of song that I would listen to normally, but I actually really like it. The concept is brilliant and their voices with the music is just *sigh* amazing, I feel so cool when I listen to it XD

Fly High: This song is SO cute <33 it's kind of one of the songs I listened to less in this album, but I really like it, i'd listen to it when I'm in a happy mood and it would help me get even happier~♥

Dye D: Omg this song <3 the beginning was just SO hot. And I love the random auto tune in the middle, and the english. I love this song, it's such a sexy song and it's my 4th favorite <3

Water Drop: Second favorite song. I'm just so happy Eito made a song like this, this is my type of song! I love these ballads and slow songs, I listen to it so much, it's just so beautiful, I love the melody, lyrics everything about it <333
フリーダム理論: Third favorite song, I love the beat of this song and their voices shine so much it's sooooo lovely, I like these kids of songs, and it shows Eito's amazing vocal skills <3

輝ける舞台へ: This is a fun song, I wouldn't listen to it so often though. But it's a song for a fun car ride or something~not one of my favs :3

Wander: I can't begin to explain how beautiful I think this song is, it's my favorite. I love everything about it, all of their voices and just the melody of this song keeps me relaxed and in a calm mood, I love it so so much, I can't wait till they sing it live.. *sigh* one of my favorite Eito songs for sure!

If you want me to talk about My home, Tsubasa Ni Koi and 365日家族 I will :3
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