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Yes, I am updating.

It's been sooo long since I've updated here, but well here I am XD
It's currently 7AM and I haven't slept yet (-.-)" I don't learn.. I have said for 3 days that I'll be sleeping earlier, but it never works! I need to fix my sleeping pattern before school starts, which is in exactly 6 days. I have two books to read, and one personal project to work on T_____T I promise I'll do my best this year and make everyone proud ✌ I'm going to start working on school stuff after tmw~ I'll make sure to have everything done before school so I don't get stressed :3

I'm catching up on Zenkai Girl too, that drama is just tooo cuuute <3333 Ryo-chan's fatherly side is adorable~ and Sota's character is so heartbreaking. It's a drama I won't forget for sure, it makes my day~
I'm watching Ouran too. When I first heard about this 'Live action' I was so against it, but now I love it more than ever and don't want it to end, everyone's just so perfect <333 And the guy who plays Kyouya is so.........perfect. Idek what to say lol. I'm downloading the Zenkai Girl episodes I've missed, and Ep.6 of Ouran~ I'll start watching Hana Kimi and Ikemen Desu Ne too~ So much to catch up on :3 I also wanna catch up on Janiben and Shiwake T.T" But..one day I'll leave them all overnight, and get back to them in my free time~
Anyways, Eito's Tsubasa Ni Koi single was love, I can't chose a favorite song, but I to U is just beautiful ♥

Updating here feels nice, I like letting out my thoughts fromt time to time, so I think I might as well just do it more :3
Eid Mubarak to everyone who celebrates it~ I hope you had a great eid.

I'm going to sleep now, have a great day everyone!

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So I'm back with a random update once again o(^▽^)o
Well, I really don't have much to say other than I'm exhauuuuusteeeed, I seem to be sleeping so late everyday, for no real reason - and then complaining in the morning ^^; So I'm making some goals for myself, and here they are~

● Sleep earlier
● Eat healthier
● Make the day more productive
● Raise my grades
● Be more social/get over my shyness
● Build a character/ get more hobbies
● Improve in photoshop
● Have confidence in myself
● Improve my japanese

I hope I can achieve these goals..they're the most crucial in my life right now~

Oh, and I watched 8UPPERS with my lovely cousins, last weekend! It was just amazing, I was so speechless :') I especially loved the Techno pop melody <333 I'm planning to watch the Wink Killer CD, on Saturday =3 蒼写真 and Osaka Romanesque always make me cry ;-; I swear, tears just start to pour, when I hear them, especially in this con..

inu wo kau to iu koto this is just such a sad drama, I'm waiting for episode 3 to download now~ I love it so much :') I love seeing Ryo as a father, as a husband, being all nice and warm-hearted.. I swear episode 2, I was a mess at the end xDD especially when my home started playing(I can't wait till it's release, it's so beautiful) but yeah, I'm looking forward to the next episodes, ANDDDDDDD I'll watch Umareru soon too, I just have so many stuff to dl TT.TT

So, next week we're going to have a couple of trips in school, I'm really looking forward to it, 'week without walls' has been awesome, these past 3 years, so i hope it is this year <333
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So I'm in school right now, english class to be specific, and he's going on about literary terms and I'm all ?1 Pictures, Images and Photos..

And I'm supposed to be taking higher english next year, it's just the teacher is so boring, and he fails at teaching, I swear, he sucks.
Anywaaaays, this week has been so tiring, I've got many projects and tests, and I'm about to take a math test, the next lesson! But I've studied :3 I'm so tired~ I wanna sleep~

My holiday is next weeeeeeeeeeeek <3333 I can't wait to catch up on everything, and resting for once.

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Pray for Japan

So as you've all known, Japan has been hit by a 8.9 magnitude earthquake, last Saturday, followed by Tsunami's and more earthquakes and aftershocks.

It's been really heartbreaking, because that place is just so beautiful, and it breaks my heart, seeing the death poll rising, and the amount of missing people, and just seeing the damage everything has caused to that place, really makes my heart ache.

I hope all your families and friends, that are living or visiting there, are safe and protected, I wish them all the best.
Please keep Japan and all it's people, and all the people that are staying there in your thoughts and prayers ♥

Even though a lot that are missing have been found, I hope that the one's that haven't been found can safely go back to their family, and loved ones.
RIP to the one's who have past away, please always keep them in your hearts.

Please be strong everyone, and try your best to donate if you can, and help out.
No one is useless, your helping just by praying and keeping them in your thoughts.

Take care everyone, and stay safe.

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So I haven't been here in a long time and it's because..PMS, generally.

TAT It's been killing me, giving me scary thoughts, scary feelings, bad heartaches, crying with no-end, esspecially these effing mood swings, and different thoughts.

When will it go away, being a girl is hard TAT I'm really stressing about, bassically nothing, and these feelings that are so mixed.

I hope this fades when this week is over, March has been awful so far.

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More positive news,I like history more now, I have a favirote subject in school XD

I have to think of what to do in Uni now, I have no idea, and there's 4 months until I have to fill out a paper, all about that stuff, so i have to have a good think.

And I'm getting better, at my graphics, one day I hope I'll be confident enough to post some here and there :3
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I just love this so much, too much~ wanted to share it here <3

No letter contents...
No letter contents...
Then, read it

"Dear my beloved,"
I don't usually say these words
"This isn't like you" you might be
Surprised at first when you see

On this piece of paper, I can be honest
It's simple and easy
It's fine for me to place those embarrassing phrases
Into words when I can't say them

But talking on the phone and through messages is dull
Because I want to properly form these feelings in writing
I write down these feelings to you every night
And then give them to you when we meet

*Let's send letters without details
  Feelings being composed on so many letters
  My pen just won't stop
  Let's send letters without details
  It may not mean much
  Except that I love you

It's like keeping a diary, writing down everything that happens
I lost track of the time, writing day after day
And before I knew it, I've written 10 letters, honestly

I write about the days when we're together
And when we apart in busy times
No matter how small it may be
Telling you by noting them down make me feel lighter

But, composing out my emotions is hard
Writing them out has reintroduced me to my beloved
That's why I too, will leave behind words
and then send them to the postbox in your heart


There are so many words when I read it back
What does this day mean, marked in red?
When I re-read it, it comes back to me
It was forgotten fragments of memories

When was that decided on?
Because these feelings won't end yet
That's why I'll continue to write
Until my pen runs out of ink


No letter contents...

tearing up rn

Credited to mayonaka_otaku